Self Care Is Not Time Consuming

Self Care Is Not Time Consuming
Self Care Is Not Time Consuming

Self care is not time consuming. It doesn’t have to be all-consuming or take up half your day. Also, there is no need for self care to be expensive (it’s the little things that make all the difference). Actually, self care is most effective when you focus on short, frequent self care activities. There is just no need to be elaborate or difficult with the practice of self care. It is supposed to be effortless and just flow with your day. Otherwise, it’s just stressful, and that negates the entire point!

No Excuses

Since self care is not time-consuming, there are no excuses not to practice it! We all live amid chaos and mayhem. So much so, that we become accustomed to it. Exhaustion and working too much has become the norm to most of us day to day. No my friend. Stop right there? It is not the norm and it is not ok to feel that way on a daily basis.

Whatever your excuse, you’re never too busy for self care.  It may feel overwhelming to start something new or add something else to your already full schedule, but self care does not need to be time consuming.

In fact, learning to squeeze self care into your life may actually lead to less stress, more patience and a clearer focus. Raise your hand if you can use more of these things!

Self Care – It’s Not Just A Trend

The increase in awareness of self care may make us wonder if self care isn’t just a trend. However, the steady increase in interest on the topic of self care over recent years appears to show no signs of slowing down. As people become more and more aware that they need to pay attention to their needs it is obvious that self care can be used to promote well-being. To many well-being is something that most strive for, especially in today’s world.

Self Care – It’s An Eye Opener

More and more people are having open discussions about mental and emotional health struggles. Also, they are creating more opportunities for healing and recovery through the awareness of self care and discussions. Similarly, more people may be opening their eyes to the importance of mental wellness, and the practical role self care plays in maintaining mental health. We may be starting to value mental health as much as our physical health. That’s a true break through in thinking!

Self Care – Is It Here To Stay And Is It For Me?

No one can predict the future of self care. However, we can practice it and make it part of our daily habits, and reap its benefits. So far as the self care trend goes…it probably will vary from person to person as time passes.

Truly adopting self care is a lifestyle change. If you are intrigued by the notion and make the changes in your routine, that is just the beginning. Self care is a continuous process of reflecting on your needs and investing in yourself. Don’t reflect on the trend, but rather the way you personally approach the concept. If  it seriously matters to you, it won’t be a fleeting trend to you.

So, practice self care and enjoy my friend.

Until next time…keep running on concealer and caffeine!


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