Meditate for Self-Care
Meditate for self-care.

Meditate. Meditation is another important item that should appear on your self-care list.  Meditation can be five minutes or as long as you have time to meditate.  It is so important to calm the mind, rest the soul, and be at peace with your life and the world.  

Practice Makes Perfect

Believe it or not…it takes a little practice and quiet atmosphere to master meditation and completely immerse yourself in those few minutes that you practice it.  But once you do, the benefits far outweigh the effort!  Trust me on this.

I remember when I first heard about meditation.  I was in my 30s and it just didn’t seem like a good use of my time then, but now…there’s just too much going on in my head, and I wish I had mastered the art of meditating sooner.

Meditation Benefits

Let’s start with the mental health benefits of meditation. These include better focus and concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and fostering kindness. Who couldn’t use all that? Also, meditation has benefits for your physical health, because it improves your tolerance for pain and helps fight substance addiction. Hooray! The best part is yet to come…

Anyone Can Meditate

Anyone can meditate for self-care. It’s the truth.  All you need is a quiet, comfortable spot.  I sit on my yoga mat in the floor of a guest bedroom in my home.  My husband knows not to bother me when I am in there because I threaten him on pain of death. I sit with my ankles crossed (in traditional yoga fashion), and the palms of my hands resting on my knees.  I use the soothing yoga tunes from my iPhone meditation playlist and begin to focus on my breathing.

Length of Meditation

When I first began meditation, I did it for about five minutes and worked my way up to about 15 from there.  It doesn’t take long and if five minutes is all you have, it is time well spent!

So trade out something in your morning routine or evening routine and take the time to meditate.  Or just ad five minutes of meditation to the routine you already have.  I promise it will make all the difference in your day and your sleep!  Until the next time…

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