How To Summon Courage

A Dose Of Courage
How to summon courage when you need it!

How to summon courage! Let’s face it – this world isn’t getting any easier. So, we have to get better. If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is that our world is hard to navigate and figure out sometimes. So, we need to summon courage to get through our darkest, most challenging days. If you feel this way often, trust me when I say, you are not alone. Everyone needs to summon their courage every now and then.

Since April of this year I have been talking to you about self-care and all the things that go along with the ongoing practice of self-care. However, as my logo states, courage is something that all women need to harvest in abundance. It’s not always easy to summon courage when you need it, but it’s out there and it is available to you. Often times, I find, that just a little more courage…the strength to hold on just a little longer is all it takes to get to the better side of a tough situation or period of time. 

Definition of Courage

Cour·​age | kər-ij:  mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

Where does courage come from? How do we boost our courage in our daily lives? These are questions I am sure we ask ourselves. It is especially important to know where your courage and strength comes from when the chips are down.

Moving Through Your Fear To Summon Courage

Whenever I am faced with fear, not matter how it manifests itself, I concentrate on moving forward. That way I am not paralyzed and stuck in one place. It has been amazing to me how having the faith to take one more step forward makes all the difference in the world in many situations. When you do this, you gain courage…and momentum comes right behind it. So the next time you are struggling to find the courage to simply “carry on”, just remember to take that very next step. You may find yourself on the other side of a very though situation, and things may even start to look better.

You Are Never Alone

Right now, everywhere in the world, almost every person is dealing with some sort of fear. It is important for you to know you are not alone in the battle for courage. Fear of what long-lasting affects COVID-19 will have on the world, fear for the decision of the 2020 election, fear about our economy, fear for our jobs and wages. In truth, we can dwell on these things and begin to down spiral into despair, or we can realize we are not alone in our fears, and dwelling on them will not change anything. Instead we need to turn our attention toward what is within our control, what we can do about it and make that first, next step, then another and another. Say to yourself “Get the behind me fear!” There you go…you just summoned some courage. 

Realize That Your Fear Is A Good Sign

The truth is that having fear means two things: that you’re human (which should be a big relief) and that you’re on the verge of growth. Once you’ve ruled out danger, you can take fear as a good sign, a marker that you’re alive and engaged. Feeling fear lets you know that you’re genuinely present in the moment and you’re stretching past your comfort zone. You can draw strength and self-assurance from that. Also, if you are seeking courage…that alone means you are in a good place and willing to move ahead and embrace opportunity.

Get To The Heart Of The Matter

The word “courage” comes from the French word “coeur,” which means “heart.” When you are anxious and trying to gather courage you are trying to make a connections with your center of being or your heart. You are looking for strength and wisdom from within. In instances like this, heart has two definitions: first, the energetic area in the center of your chest out of which wisdom, warmth and ease flow, and second the meaning behind whatever action or choice frightens you. In other words, the heart of the matter. Listen to what is on your heart. That’s where the courage can be found. Knowing this has meant a lot to me during really tough times and when I must make decisions that will ultimately alter my life. Embrace the change that is possible. Wow! That’s exciting!

Be Steadfast With Your WHY

You have to know your WHY when you are summoning courage. Knowing why you are doing a particular thing and knowing what you yourself are all about is priceless. When doubt creeps in and the fear begins, know who you are and why you are doing what you are doing allows you to summon the courage to move forward. Even if your steps are painfully slow, you will find the courage to move forward. Fear and/or anxiety will always try to arise. It is ok to let it happen and still stay true to your purpose. Over time you’ll watch the fear melt away leaving a fresh experience of your resiliency in its place. Remember: you have survived 100% of all the things you have been through so far. You will continue to do so. True bravery and courage is taking steps in spite of fear and the unknown.  Courage is simply a walk of faith.

I challenge you to walk into your future with bold courage!

Until next time, keep running on Concealer & Caffeine (my blog)!


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