Self Care Is Ongoing

30 Day Self Care & Rejuvenation

Ready to take the next 30 days and become rejuvenated and rested? This mini-course will walk you through easy-to-accomplish prompts for 30 days straight so that you can look back, 30 days from now, and know that you're rejuvenated, rested, and on your way to a daily practice of self-care.

Ten Ways To Be Resilient

10 Steps To Improved Self-Confidence

This workbook is designed to improve your self-confidence or give your self-confidence the “boost” it needs to get back on track. In ten steps you will learn how to improve your self-confidence.

Find The Fiction

Find The Fiction

It's not always easy to end a damaging and negative narrative of ourselves with something kinder and more compassionate. Getting started can be 1/2 the battle. Here is how to flip the narrative and why it's so important to do so.

The Other Side of Fear

Fear Of The Future

Are you tired of assuming the worse is about to happen? Do you frequently catastrophize situations when there is no need? If you do, then, this mini-course will help you with your fear of the future and always imagining the worse will happen.

What You Are Not

No Limiting Beliefs

Do you feel stuck in a groove you don't like? It might be you need to explore what's keeping you there in order to make the changes that will lead you toward the life you want. Try this mini-course to change your outlook!

More Courses & Workbooks Coming Soon!

Stay tuned!