Bend or Break?

Bend Or Break?

When a stiff wind blows will you bend or break? In 2020, there were many challenges we faced as a nation and as individuals. COVID-19 was a world-wide pandemic. It affected everyone and everything about our lives both personally and nationally. Not to mention, we were in an election year! If that wasn’t enough, there was also civil unrest! On a more personal level we dealt with unemployment, loss of income, illness, death, and more. To say the year was stressful, would be the understatement of the decade!

So, what did we learn from 2020 personally? When the stiff winds of 2020 blew did you bend or break? How can the struggles of 2020 prepare you for 2021 and the decade ahead? What will you do the next time you are faced with what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle? Will you bend or break?

Lord, My Load Is Heavy

As I previously mentioned, we all had a lot to deal with in 2020. Some of which is carrying over into 2021. Lord, our loads are heavy!

If you had to deal with unemployment, loss of income, reduced work hours, home-schooling children, contracting the virus, death of friends, family or loved ones, etc. then COVID-19 trickled down into your everyday life very quickly. The days wore on and you had to adapt to new situations every hour it seemed. Like everyone else, I am sure your daily load became very heavy. Yet, you did what you had to do and clawed your way through each day as best you could. Sometimes, raw “survival mode” is the only place we have to exist until something changes.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

In May, our economy began finding ways to re-open the best way possible under heavy restrictions and protections. This was a small glimmer of hope, but it was hope just the same.

Recently, vaccines that were nowhere in sight seven months ago are now available and defending our “front-line” health workers from COVID-19, so they can help everyone else. While it may take months, we will all be able to receive the vaccination to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This isn’t nearly as bleak as the picture of our nation and our world we had in March of 2020. Our heavy load has been lightened. Thank you Lord.

Tie Your Knot And Hold On

You have heard the expression “tie a knot and hang on”. People say it all the time. They say it all the time because it’s true! You should always, always, always tie a knot and hang on. Each day you roll out of bed and your feet hit the floor be determined to do what you have to do, no matter what it takes, to get through the day. You did this a lot in 2020 and it taught you something…it taught you to tie your knot and hold on. You did this and here you are on the other side of a horrific year.

Bend Or Break

The year 2020 was a VERY stiff wind. There’s no doubt about that. Did you bend or break? No doubt you bent almost to the breaking point this past year and in doing so, here you are at a different place. You overcame the fear of COVID-19, the changes it caused in our daily lives and many other difficulties. When we bend we not only surmount what we thought was unsurmountable, but we learn more than we ever learn from the easiest of times. For, it is during the times when we bend to our absolute breaking point that we come to the ideas we might not have had before, the innovations to adapt and realize the strength we never knew we had.

There Is Always One More Thing You Can Do

My dad is 78 years old, but he is still a Marine. As I grew up I remember my dad repeating what the Marines taught him to my brother and I, “There is always one more thing you can do.”

As I grew older and faced difficulties…sports, college, marriage, divorce, financial hardships, etc. those words came back to me time and again.

In gymnastics and track, those words spurred me to the finish. At college, they urged me to study harder to make the grade. In marriage, the words gave me courage to remain steady and firm even when my spouse no longer did. Then, in divorce and financial hardships the words gave me resolve and the ingenuity to find and make the money I needed to pay the bills. They did save me, they gave me the courage to find the answers to save myself.

Carry It Forward

The best thing you can do with 2020 is learn from it, remember it, grow from it and move on. By doing so, you carry what you have learned and survived into 2021 and beyond. You pass it on to your family and loved ones so that they benefit as well. This knowledge you have garnered will be invaluable to you when met with the obstacles and tasks of the new year.

Just remember, you are always the right woman for the job and you have everything you need around you and within you.

Until next time… keep running on Concealer & Caffeine (my blog)!


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