5 Paths To Self-Discipline

5 Paths To Self-Discipline
Paths to self-discipline

5 paths to self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.

For some of us, self-discipline is something we start as a child and naturally practice daily in our adult lives. However, others do not understand or use self-discipline on a daily basis and struggle with it as a child and as an adult.

If you want to create an environment that consistently sets you up for success you must master self-discipline. Also, by mastering self-discipline, you prepare yourself for life’s little “surprises”, so when they happen you will keep a straight head and figure out what to do next.

Please be aware, if you are not already practicing self-discipline, it is a process that will require hard work and commitment. You must do the work it takes, because no one can do it for you. Just remember, the pay-off at the end of the process will be worth it’s weight in gold. There are other paths, but in this blog I have outlined the 5 paths to self-discipline that I feel are the most important to accomplish.

Start Small & Don’t Quit – 5 Paths To Self-Discipline

The last thing you want to do when adopting self-discipline is to let it overwhelm you. Don’t be to intimidated that you choose to not move forward. Just keep your steps small in the beginning. Start with one habit you need to embrace (i.e. getting up at 5:30 each morning to have more time). Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Keep it simple and easy and go step, by step from there. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your self-discipline won’t be either.

Remove Temptations – 5 Paths To Self-Discipline

The environment in which we work is extremely important. More and more, scientists are finding out about how our surroundings influence our work habits, etc. Our surroundings also include people. Others can affect your choices and willpower. This can be a good thing if the people and things that surround you influence you to do well and stay on track. However, if they cause us to repeat bad habits, their affect can be negative. When you are working on your self-discipline, don’t be afraid to communicate to those surrounding you the desires and needs you have to be successful. It will surprise you how much your friends and family want to help you succeed!

Time Management / Prioritizing

Do you constantly struggle to fit your day into the limited time you have? The demands of work, home, and family take a lot of time. How do you find more time? Develop the self-discipline to get up earlier! I know, I know. It sounds absolutely terrible to rob yourself of a couple more hours of sleep that you so desperately need. However, think of how much you could get done if you got out of bed, started your day early, and were on a roll by the time you hit the office?

I adopted this a couple of years ago. I’ll admit it. It was agonizing for the first two weeks. However, after I got over that hump… I found it was super amazing! Now, I get all kinds of things done before I jump in the shower to get ready for work. Also, once I get to work, I have so much energy and I seamlessly get my day going while others hunch over the company coffee pot hoping for a miracle. LOL!

Win Or Lose…Move Forward

Achieving self-discipline will require realistic goals. Sometimes you will achieve the goals you set and move on to the next goal. Make sure you take the time to reward yourself in some way. Also, there will be times that you don’t achieve your goals. You may need to adjust and change them to try again. Don’t punish yourself or dwell on the fact that you failed. Keep moving forward by setting new goals to achieve. This way, you will be more likely to stick to the new habit you are trying to achieve.

Remember: What we see as failures are really only learning experiences. They help us shift our focus and efforts and move us toward success. I often think of something my father told me when I was younger, “If you aren’t failing and making mistakes, you are not learning and you are definitely not living.” How true that statement is and how well it has served me to remember it.

Set Realistic Goals That are Your Own

Someone else’s goals and successes will not be the same as yours. I have learned through the years that you can not measure your life against someone else’s. Why? Because all our experiences and measurements are different. Just as all people are different.

As you strive to adopt self-discipline into your daily life, it won’t be easy. However, once you achieve the goals you set for yourself via self-discipline you will reap the rewards ten times over! So, hang in there. Don’t give up. You will be glad you did.

Until next time… keep running on Concealer & Caffeine!


Paula B. – Owner/Creator

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