5 Helpful Ways To Use A Journal

5 Helpful Ways To Use A Journal
5 Helpful Ways To Use A Journal

5 helpful ways to use a journal. Just look at that beautiful journal. It’s so lovely. Just looking at the pretty pink cover immediately lifts your spirits. So, now what? How do you use your new journal in your daily life? What do you write about? How will keeping a journal help you? Here are 5 helpful ways to use a journal to navigate this thing called life.

Let Your Feelings Flow – 5 Helpful Ways To Use A Journal

Since the age of ten, I have been keeping a daily journal in some form or fashion. Yes, since the age of ten. Rather than huge blow-ups, altercations, or revealing my soul to someone who may laugh, it seems I prefer to write my feelings down. By doing so, it allows me to work them out in my heart and mind and/or validate them. Therefore, my daily journaling becomes personal therapy sessions. By writing my thoughts down, I work through life’s struggles, heartaches, and more. Sometimes, just defining my anguish, fears, sadness, etc. helps me put situations into perspective instead of allowing them to become overwhelming.

Oh and just so you know… there are some pretty famous women who journal as well. Jennifer Aniston, for one, has been keeping a journal since the age of 13. Also, Emma Watson and Lady Gaga are journal-keepers. So consider yourself in the company of some very awesome women when you choose to journal and understand the benefits of doing so.

Pour It Out

My advice to you is to just start writing in a journal. Even if you feel it is a bunch of rambling sentences… that’s not what is important. Open your heart and put it on paper. Just let it pour out of you like pitcher of sweet tea in summer. It is amazing what develops when you let your heart and mind guide your pen and you put it all down into words.

When I am journaling I am always surprised by what my heart and mind choose as my subject matter. That’s when I know what is truly weighing on me and what I need to get off my heart and out of my head. Sometimes it is about personal relationships, sometimes it is about my career, and other times it is about personal accomplishments or the lack thereof. Thankfully, journaling has also allowed for some amazing revelations about myself.

Be Grateful

I know you have heard this before, but I will say it again, “There is always, always something to be grateful for.” Try to think of at least ten things to be grateful for each day and write it in your journal. I do this each evening when I write in my journal, because it gets my thought process flowing and I begin writing easily. However, there is another benefit to writing down those things for which you are grateful – you end your day on a positive note and fall asleep with your mind in a more blissful mode.

Write down whatever you are grateful for no matter if it is a big thing or small thing. When you are done, read through your list. This is a very powerful to unburden the heart and mind and zero in on what really matters to you.

Forgiveness Is A Gift 

I am too hard on myself. It has always been this way and I work very hard to turn this around most days. However, I will admit it, this is a daily struggle for me. This is another reason for me to use a journal daily. Writing these situations down when they occur allows me to be more objective about what really happened, what triggered me to be so unforgiving of myself, and give myself the love I deserve to forget and move on with my life.

If you are someone who struggles with self-forgiveness, then I strongly urge you to try this technique while journaling. It has really helped me and it will help you as well.

Dare to Dream

When I was young, and even now, I dreamed big, hairy, audacious dreams. I never talked about my dreams to anyone, but I did write them in my journal. By doing this very simple act, I kept my soul from dying. Also, I alleviated any fears I had of not fulfilling my dreams and going after what I wanted with everything I had.

In my personal opinion, if you don’t write down your dreams or talk about your dreams, eventually they die. Once they die, they are gone forever. So, the next time your pull out your journal to write, no matter what your age, take the time to revisit and write down your dreams. Explore what you want to do without any fear of judgement from anyone. Who knows? Maybe some of your dreams will come true. I know some of mine did!

Keep a daily journal. If you don’t have one, here’s one you can order. It’s the one I use and it allows for my creative thoughts to flow without any set parameters. Let me know how your journaling is going. If you need some helpful prompts to get you going, I have plenty to share… just message me at the end of this blog or email me at hellopaula@concealerandcaffeine.com.

Until next time… keep running on Concealer & Caffeine!


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